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We have the most quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the hoses, as well as the quality of the manufacturing process itself.

We ensure that our PVC hoses meet industry standards and ensure quality and safety.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products.

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Uniflex has extensive experience in hose customization and development, offering a range of customizable specifications to meet the needs of various applications, including agricultural, conveying, food, electrical, and industrial. These customizable specifications include weight, work pressure, vacuum, bending radius, roll length, flexibility, resistance to various chemicals and temperatures, and various hose compacts.

Uniflex provides its clients with the perfect hose solution for their specific requirements and applications. Uniflex's focus on innovation and quality, combined with a large inventory and fast turnaround times, has made them a leading supplier of flexible PVC hoses and a reliable and innovative partner for customers worldwide.

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NEW Hybrid milk hose

Uniflex has devoted two years to develop a new hybrid dairy hose with the collaboration of several dairy farms around the world. The Hose is comprized from a special blend of materials and it's far more durable than silicone and rubber ones. The Hybrid Hose is elastic, and completely phthalate-free. That also means infection-free!

Protection from infectious diseases

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Uniflex is a leading manufacturer of flexible and reinforced PVC hoses, providing a wide range of products for custom and everyday applications. With a large stock of inventory and fast turnaround times, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions and excellent customer service. We have been in business since the 1970s and are a major supplier to global markets across various industries. Our products meet industry standards and certifications, making us a reliable and innovative partner for our customers.

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