A History of Innovation

Since its founding in the 1970s, Uniflex has specialized in the development of custom-tailored flexible and reinforced PVC tubing for unique applications.


Leveraging its reputation as a flexible PVC hose manufacturer focused on innovation, Uniflex employs a team of plastics engineers, designers and product managers, who work hand in hand with our clients in developing innovative solutions for their specialty applications. It is the combination of our expertise in plastics, a modern manufacturing infrastructure and wealth of new product initiatives working with companies across the globe that enables us to provide our clients with a quick, cost-effective and high-quality solution for their unique applications.


To date, Uniflex has developed custom designed PVC hosing for multiple companies across the globe. Uniflex innovation is enabling technological advancement, and can be found on space suits, inside some of the world’s fastest printers, in emergency ventilation kits for non-pressurized air delivery in the event of chemical warfare, in addition to many other products and applications.


If you have a product which requires custom formed PVC, PE or rubber hosing, contact us today and talk with one of our engineers to see how we can help.